Welcome To CSEF

The Children’s Safety Education Foundation’s aims are to promote and further the safety education of children, young people and their parents throughout the United Kingdom and Eire. We aim to encourage study needs through the written word and promote public interest in personal safety and public citizenship, which means that we exist to provide you, your teacher and your parents with the best possible resources, providing you with the knowledge, understanding and information to prevent you from making wrong decisions.
We want you to grow up conscious of the dangers and risks you may face, but equipped to understand the rules on how to stay safe, healthy and become a strong, independent young person.


Thanks to the involvement and participation of your teachers, educationalists, the combined Emergency Services, statutory and voluntary agencies, our resources are now widely adopted as an important delivery mechanism for P.S.H.E.E., (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) in schools.
You are a valued part of our society and it is important that you feel safe, involved and reassured.
We are now taking an active role in moving schools into the 21st century by introducing new and innovative teaching resources. As a first step, we have taken a selection of our existing workbooks and DVD’s and integrated them onto our new digital learning platform – CSEF Online, making them accessible to more young people and schools. The digital platform will facilitate and inspire the learning experience and will assist schools in the effective delivery of safety education and the transition to new learning environments.
I was impressed with the modern, stylish way in which your resources deal with sensitive issues. I would have absolutely no doubt that our young people will respond positively to them and be genuinely excited about using them. I could also see us using these resources to deliver extended form time effectively.”

Assistant Headteacher Professional and Personal Development and Well-Being,
Highfields Science Specialist School.

I found the resources to be very stimulating and thought-provoking. I was particularly impressed at the relevance of the material and the fact that it was highly contemporary. I believe this resource could make a valuable contribution to teaching and learning in Citizenship/PSHE.”

Head of Citizenship/PSHE, Marsden Heights Community College