CSEF Digital Books

DEEDEE and Dennis the Dragon

Fire Safety – Deedee and Dennis the Dragon
Fire safety issues are dealt with in a sensitive manner
so that they will stay with the children as they move
through their early school years. Using a mixture of
stories and classroom activities, children are
encouraged to identify dangers and discover

First Aid Handbook

The First Aid Handbook
The First Aid Handbook has been written and
illustrated by a qualified Paramedic for children
attending Primary School. The safety guide deals
with a host of topics including Cuts and Bruises;
Burns; Fractures; Sprains; Resuscitation and
Emergency Action.

Out and About

Transport Safety – Out and About
Out and About has been developed with the
Government’s Road Strategy ‘Tomorrow’s Roads –
Safer for Everyone’ in mind. Young people are
advised how to travel safely on foot, road, rail, canal
and plane. Topics covered include: Be Seen; Know
The Dangers; On Foot; By Bike; […]

Red Alert

Fire Safety – Red Alert
Providing a comprehensive introduction to fire
safety, Red Alert introduces children to Dennis the
Dragon. Readers are taken on an educational
rollercoaster, teaching them all there is to know
about fire and its consequences. Covering
everything from the Scientific Explanation of Fire
to Fire Prevention.

Play Safe Keep Safe

Accident Prevention –
Play Safe, Stay Safe, Keep Safe
Play Safe addresses a number of key topics
including Safety at Home; Electricity; Water;
Beaches; Building Sites; Roads; Health and
Fitness; First Aid; Bullying and Drugs. The
handbook is designed to involve parents, teachers
and children in projects, activities and coursework,
so it educates and […]


Anti-Bullying – The Young Person’s Guide
This resource has been developed to focus on
victims and bullies alike. Using a series of characters
the handbook explores a range of situations which
may reflect the readers own experiences and
encourages them to help themselves and their peers
within their environment. Endorsed by the […]

Will Power

Drugs Education – Will Power’s Beware
This resource addresses key elements of a child’s
personal and social education. Will Power presents
key facts in a user-friendly fashion by inviting readers
to discover more through a fun-filled range of
exercises and activities. Topics covered include:
Smoking; Alcohol; Drugs; My Body; Taking
Control and Bullying.


Respect ‘Your Life, Your Choice’
Exploring many of the major issues encountered by
young people in their everyday lives, Respect uses
real life situations to examine various citizenship
issues and offers a range of useful contacts. Topics
discussed include: Peer Pressure; Crime
Prevention; Alcohol; Drugs and Solvent Misuse;
Bullying; Hate Crime; Personal Safety;
Domestic […]